SIBEC 2018 will provide partners and sponsors with the ultimate opportunity to the forefront their organisation with an audience of the key players in business in Sarawak. Organized by the Sarawak Business Federation and is supported and endorsed by the Sarawak State Government, the event will create unparalleled access to the future of business in the state under Industrial Revolution 4.0. Our sponsors and partners will benefit from outstanding press coverage in both the mainstream and social media outlets through their association with SIBEC 2018. In addition, with 600 delegates drawn from the industry sectors most strategic to the development of the state and a wide range of exhibitors, the event provides excellent branding and networking opportunities, both during the conference and beyond. SIBEC 2018 will link your organisation both to forward-thinking innovation in Sarawak’s key industrial sectors and to socially responsible initiatives through youth development, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Don’t miss this chance to present your brand as an integral part of the drive to bring Sarawak to the next generation of development as a high-income state in 2030.

Economic Trade Benefits
1. Providing a platform for networking opportunities between industry practitioners and providers to promote their products and services
2. Stimulating cost savings and efficiency gains from the implementation of new technologies
3. Creating a platform for synergy between businesses to improve productivity and increase efficiency gains
4. Creating investment opportunities for established businesses and entrepreneurs alike
5. Creating new business opportunities for Sarawak based on digital technologies under the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Social Benefits
1. Forefronting sustainability issues
2. Promoting human capital development for upskilling a Sarawak workforce
3. Promoting the use of digital technology to create a more sustainable business environment and to alter the demographics in the Sarawak workforce
4. Encouraging entrepreneurship amongst youth

Download the sponsorship kit here.