Organizer’s Message

President of Sarawak Business Federation & SIBEC Advisor: Yang Berbahagia Datuk Abang Haji Abdul Karim bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg

The Sarawak State Government is very excited to collaborate on this important new initiative with the Sarawak Business Federation aimed at developing the future economy of the state through its businesses. SIBEC 2018 is the first event of its kind in the state, looking to bring together businesses across Sarawak in our key industrial sectors to innovate new solutions both in digital technology and in industry practice with the full support of the State Government.
The first year’s theme of ‘Digital Technology Drives Business’ is very much in keeping with the Chief Minister of Sarawak’s vision for the future of the state. With a focus on the key sectors most central to Sarawak’s development, this event will be an injection of new ideas and directions that are entirely focused on the Sarawak context. In addition, by combining enterprises in both the public and private spheres, SIBEC 2018 will be an excellent platform to create workable solutions for businesses in their contribution to the state economy under Industrial Revolution 4.0.
This will be the first year of many. Eyeing 600 delegates and 50 exhibitors, the event is set to grow into one of the most important regional business networking forums in the coming years. It will stimulate future partnerships, innovative solutions for a Sarawak context, economic expansion, and sales and investment opportunities for all participants. This is why the State Government has put itself behind SIBEC 2018 as part of its plan to transform Sarawak into a high income and developed state by 2030, supporting our businesses in supporting the future of Sarawak.