SIBEC 2018

Conference overview

The Sarawak International Business Exhibition and Conference (SIBEC) 2018 is a new initiative to bring together industry professionals in a 3-day event aimed at driving business in the state and transforming it into a high income and developed state by 2030. Organised by the Sarawak Business Federation (SBF) and supported and endorsed by the Sarawak Government, it will leapfrog Sarawak into “Industrial Revolution 4.0”. SIBEC 2018 will bring together exhibitors from a range of key industries with providers of services, technologies and business support networks to pair with an exciting conference programme focusing on the sectors strategic to Sarawak. It is an opportunity for organisations to learn from the experiences of other successful industry practitioners, to
share knowledge, to apply technologies to their own business and to promote their own solutions in the marketplace. Featuring a wide range of world-class speakers, the conference will spark ideas that can be explored and implemented on the spot through new connections and collaborations. SIBEC 2018 is the future of business in Sarawak. Make sure your organisation is part of the transformation.

Conference theme

In its inaugural year, the theme of the conference is ‘Digital Technology drives the business’. The goal is to present new opportunities in digital technology that can be applied in a Sarawak context and also to demonstrate avenues for Sarawak businesses to prepare themselves for the new wave of technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Bringing together industry practitioners in Sarawak’s key economic sectors with providers of digital technology products and services, delegates will be able to find and tailor solutions for the future of their own businesses as part of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Conference Aim

The aim of SIBEC 2018 is to create a roadmap for Sarawak to capitalise on Industrial Revolution 4.0. It will address key issues currently facing Sarawak businesses, explore digital solutions and lay out the path for businesses in the state to implement those solutions.
For traditional business sectors, participants will be presented with avenues for applying digital technology to their organisations, encompassing Fintech, E-commerce and even new technology opportunities such as the blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things. In addition, SIBEC 2018 also aims to stimulate new business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the state looking to ride the wave of technology in new and exciting business ventures for the future.

Conference topics/ Scope of the conference

The core of the event is a 3-day exhibition that will provide a platform for Sarawak businesses to meet with industry specialists – local, regional and international. This will be supported by a conference programme of speakers and panel discussions that will examine how digital technology can be applied in a Sarawak context, driving the state’s businesses into Industrial Revolution 4.0. Focusing on the three core business sectors underpinning the Sarawak economy – trade and industry; energy and power; agriculture – this conference and exhibition will look at the digital opportunities available in these key sectors and also discuss the vital steps in preparing Sarawak businesses to capitalise on those opportunities, from human capital development to entrepreneurship funding and sustainability issues.
The programme will feature speakers expert in digital technology, in each of the three core sectors, and also in the important support networks for Sarawak businesses such as Blue Ocean Strategy and investment generators like Martrade. It will also include a youth programme aimed at stimulating the future generation of Sarawak businesspeople in building a high income and developed state.

Who to attend?

This conference and exhibition will benefit a broad range of stakeholders, from the public sector to private enterprise. Government agencies, members of the Sarawak Federation, potential entrepreneurs and industry practitioners in the key economic sectors will be able to meet with providers of digital solutions as well as investment and training platforms.